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Reserves List

Verse allows to reserve artworks to be purchased by specific collectors. There are two types of reserves: username reserves and wallet reserves.

Username reserves

Username reserves allows to specify Verse usernames of collectors to which artworks should be reserved. Artwork in the reserve remains unsold until collector purchases it. It is possible to reserve multiple artworks to the same collector.

Wallet reserves

It is possible to allocate certain number of artworks within a project to Wallet reserves by uploading a list of collector addresses. Collector is qualified to purchase from a project Wallet reserve if their wallet address is in the list.

For example your project might consist of 200 artworks and you decide to allocate 50 artworks to a wallet reserve. It means that 150 artworks in the project are available to be purchased by anyone, however 50 artwroks can only be purchased by users that own a wallet within a wallet reserves list. If you upload a list of 100 addresses for a wallet reserves then first 50 collectors from the reserve list will be able to purchase the artwork.

Additional details

  • Size of a wallets reserve can be equal to the size of the project. In this case collectors must be in the list to participate in the sale.
  • Collector has to connect a wallet in Verse account page to prove ownership of the address.