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Decreasing Supply

Decreasing Supply sale mechanic reduces the total available supply for the project every minute, hence total number of artworks available for purchase decreases over time.


Say you have a generative project with starting supply of 2000 artworks. With decreasing supply mechanic the total available number of artworks can decrease by 1 artwork per minute. Therefore after 60 minutes there will be only 1960 artworks for collectors to purchase. Supply will continue to decrease until the project sells out or supply matches total number of sold artworks.

Additional details

  • Artist can specify different rate at which supply decreases. For example supply can decrease every 15 seconds or every 5 minutes.
  • The total supply will stop decreasing once it hits the reserve limit. For example, if you reserve 20 artworks for the collectors, the supply will stop decreasing when 20 artworks remain unsold. The unsold artworks in this becomes available only to collectors in the reserve list. Collectors you add to the reserve will always be able to purchase the artwork.

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