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Powered by ArtBlocks

Verse supports Powered by ArtBlocks (PBAB) on-chain projects. In this case you should refer to Art Blocks documentation here.

About ArtBlocks Flex

We are the first Artblocks partner to try their experimental feature Flex. In Artblocks Flex code is deployed on chain, however code can reference external assets. External assets (such as javascript code, libraries, images etc) can be hosted on IPFS and loaded to the project at runtime. This allows more flexibility allows to do projects that would have not been possible before due to requiring uploading heavy files on chain. It's entirely up to you as an artist if you'd like to use ArtBlocks Flex feature to use IPFS assets. You can do fully on chain project which using Art Blocks PBAB contract which is verifiable at the smart contract level.

Examples of PBAB projects on Verse

Compatible sales mechanics