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Collector Curated

Collector curated project is similar to Random Generative Project, but instead of collectors receiving a random output they can save their favourite algorithm outputs before the sale. Once the sale opens collectors can buy artworks they saved. Collectors can keep track of all the hashes they saved on a grid view.

Below video shows collector experience of browsing saved outputs and saving a new output.

How it works

When collector saves an output we store the hash corresponding to the generative output in the database. When the collector purchases a saved output we propagate their hash to NFT metadata. Collector can only buy an artwork that they have generated themselves. It is not possible to buy the same artwork twice therefore we ensure that each artwork within the collection is unique.


Collector Curated project is compatible with generative projects such as Random Generative Project and Powered by ArtBlocks. You can think of Collector Curated project as an extension of the standard generative project.

Examples projects

Compatible sales mechanics

Details required

  • Project code