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Artist Curated

Curated project allow artists to pick their favourite outputs/artworks of their works and list them for sale. When browsing the project page before the sale starts, collectors would be able to preview all the outputs. When user purchase the artwork they receive random artwork from the curated list.

Example of curated random project

Additional details

  • It is possible to have more sales than artworks if allowing repetition.
  • It is possible to have different probabilities for artworks (with repetitions).
  • It is possible to have traits/features for each artwork. Traits will be visible on Verse/OpenSea. Example attachment of two traits "Palette" and "Vivid".

Examples of curated projects on Verse

Compatible sales mechanics

Details required

  • Number of artworks
  • (Optional) Number of artworks for sale (if selling with repetitions)
  • (Optional) metadata CSV
  • (Optional) probabilities (if selling with repetitions)