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It is important to collectors that all collected artworks are properly connected to the artist on chain. This allows collectors to verify that the artwork originated from the correct artist. While that might not always be the case since artists are doing custom projects and collaborations, on Verse we encourage artists to own the NFT smart contract for the correct on chain provenance.

How it works

On Verse artist would deploy a special smart contract for the project. We designed the smart contract to be compatible with Verse system and following standard ERC 721 implementations by OpenZeppelin.

When contract is deployed, Verse system has a temporary permission to mint NFTs to it. After the sale ends you should take this permission away. If you'd like to use this contract with Verse again in the future you can give the permission back, however each contract corresponds to a separate collection on OpenSea and deploying a new smart contract might be prefered.


  • The wallet address you use for minting will be the owner of the smart contract, therefore you should mint the contract from the wallet address you'd like to use as an artist
  • You will be collection owner on OpenSea and will be the only address able to set royalties, change title and other metadata. Verse will not be able to edit OpenSea collection.
  • Collection appears on OpenSea as soon as the first NFT is minted to the contract.
  • All NFTs acquired by collectors will be connected to you as an artist on chain (and on OpenSea).


Your Verse project collection will be linked in your OpenSea profile page. Once the first NFT is minted to your smart contract and collection appears on OpenSea you should edit the collection to set up the name, description, images and royalties for the project. Setting an OpenSea collection requires an avatar and a cover image. Our designer will happily provide you with the assets for your collection. Alternatively, if you’d like us to set up collection on your behalf you can make Verse wallet a collaborator for the collection on OpenSea.

How to set OpenSea royalties

Once the first NFT is minted your colelction appears on your OpenSea profile. Only the artist is able to set artist royalties. Video instructions

Note - before you can save royalties you must upload project logo.

OpenSea Profile page

Image below shows an example of how your Verse project will appear in your OpenSea artist page.

OpenSea NFT page

Image below shows an example of how your Verse NFT will appear on OpenSea. Each NFT will have a link to your OS profile page allowing collectors to verify the artist.